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Player/Game Master Resources

      Player's Handbook, 2nd Edition. Rich Text Format. Zipped Copy

      Dungeon Master's Guide, 2nd Edition. Rich Text Format. Zipped Copy

If you select to download the zipped copies, do not be alarmed by your browser taking you to a Tripod Lycos site. It will contain the link to what you are looking for. Just click on the link, and it will prompt you to save to disk, or open from location. These files are large. Let me know if you have any problems downloading these. Thanks!

I am working on updating this site more often. Please visit frequently!

Most of these files are HTML, however I also utilize files that have been zipped for quicker download, and some that are in Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) format. If you need these items, go to or Thanks, and enjoy!


Disclaimer: The items listed below are for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition rules and settings. I have been collecting these items over the span of my Internet experience, and I in no way lay claim to creating them. I do maintain all rights and copyright to items that I have marked as such. Bright blessings!

2nd Edition Section

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*** New Optional Rules! New! ***

Optional Combat System

Weapon/Armor Rules

Combat Modification


Armor System

Class Modifications

Miscellaneous Optional Rules

Special Maneuvers

Character Kits

Adventurer Class

Weapons/Skills Mastery



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Circles of Magic

Spell Point System and Specialization System


Mage Spells




New Non-Weapon Proficiencies

New Items


General Items

Dungeon Master’s Screen (in pdf format)

Character Sheets (.pdf files, zipped)

2nd Edition Priest Spell List (zipped)

2nd Edition Wizard Spell List (in pdf format)

3rd Edition Section

Eric Noah's DnD 3rd Edition Site! You must check this out!


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