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Jo'Mase's AD&D Adventurer Class


This new class combines the special skills of the former Rogue with those of the Warrior and the Wizard. Each Adventurer will be different, and this class is set up so as to allow many choices for the Adventurer.

The Basic Adventurer

All adventurers have a few basic abilities in common. These form the core upon which each will build.

Core Attributes

-Adventurers use the Rogue experience point advancement table.

-They use Rogue THAC0, saving throws, and gain proficiencies as a Rogue. They also can use former Rogue Group proficiencies at normal cost, now called Adventurer Group proficiencies, in addition to General Group proficiencies.

-They use Rogue d6 HD.

-Finally, they get Thief followers when the appropriate level and conditions are met. The only alteration in these followers is the fact that all thieves or bards become adventurers instead.

Variant Abilities

Each adventurer receives 25 class points to define his particular style and class abilities. Those skills under the Rogue’s Path are automatically open to the adventurer, as he is based on this path. The skills of the Warrior’s Path and Wizard’s Path are not open to the adventurer until he buys into that path, then all sub-skills are open for purchase to him. The abilities of each path and their cost are listed below, and each DM is free to add additional sub-skills to each path as he feels appropriate for his campaign, keeping in line with those already listed here with respect to cost and power. Some skills give access to proficiencies, but the access is special in that extra proficiency points are gained for these skills each level. These extra points can only be used on the skills that gave them, but are gained in addition to the 3 proficiency points every class gains each new level(see Proficiency Rules).

The Rogue’s Path

Each adventurer already has this path, as his core attributes belong to it. Below are sub-skills open to him without further requirements:

Thieving Skills: these are the 8 basic thieving skills, listed in my New Proficiency section. By spending 1 class point per slot the skill costs as a proficiency, the adventurer gets this skill, and each level he gains, gives him 1 proficiency point(see Proficiency Rules) per skill he purchased this way. 14 class points will buy all 8 skills. All such proficiency points from these 8 skills are considered a single pool, and can be used to increase his skill in any of them as he desires. The only restriction being no skill can have its rating increased by more than 1 point per level advancement(unless you pay the penalty-see Proficiency Rules). Unspent points can be saved for future levels.

Backstab: this skill is called Critical/Vitals Strike(New Proficiencies), and for 2 class points the adventurer can have it, and receive 1 proficiency point each time he gains a new level to spend on improving it.

Diplomacy: this is the same as the new proficiency, and for 1 class point the adventurer gets it and 1 proficiency point to spend on it per level gained.

Secret/Code Language: adventurers who spend 1 class point can speak the secret language of the underworld, and get a free proficiency of reading and writing it as well. Each level they gain gives them 1 proficiency point to improve this reading and writing skill. Other secret or code languages the adventurer encounters allows him a chance to check his skill to see if he can understand and learn it. This check may have penalties as the DM sees fit to impose, depending on how similar or foreign the language is to the adventurer’s own secret speech. Even if the check succeeds, this simply indicates the adventurer can eventually figure out the secret code, but he must still expend much effort and time to actually do it, as deemed appropriate by the DM. If a rival underworld power discovers the adventurer has cracked their code, he will be in big trouble!

Specialty Skill: for 2 class points the adventurer can choose 1 of his proficiency skills, which must fall in a category he has primary access to, and show exceptional talent and promise in it. He worked on this skill through his youth, perhaps making a name for himself in the process. He receives a 13 rating in this skill(Expert ranking) to begin with, and must spend at least 1 of the 3 proficiency points he normally gains each level on this skill to improve it further. It cannot increase by more than 1 rating point per level gained. The specialist must continue to improve his signature skill in this way until he finally Masters it, when he is no longer forced to improve it, but may wish to do so anyway. Only 1 skill can be chosen as a Specialty Skill, so this sub-skill can only be purchased once.

Skill Focus: this allows the adventurer to spend class points on proficiencies he desires to be very good at. Each slot the proficiency would cost the adventurer is how many class points he must spend to get it, and receive 1 proficiency point per skill purchased in this way every new level gained. These extra proficiency points can only be spent on this skill.

Skill Enhancement: similar to the above skill focus, this allows the adventurer to generally improve all his skills, or at least those he desires to improve. Each class point spent gives the adventurer 1 proficiency point at creation, to use as he desires to improve beginning skills, with no skill being improved more than 1 rating point(unless you pay the penalty-see Proficiency Rules), and each level, he gains another proficiency point to add to the 3 normally gained per level, to be used for general skill improvement. Each class point spent gives this 1 initial proficiency point and 1 extra per level gained.

The Warrior’s Path

This path is chosen by adventurers who desire to pursue their martial side, and requires 10 class points to purchase. Once purchased, the sub-skills are open to the adventurer. Additionally, for the 10 points, the adventurer gets the following Path attributes, which either add to his existing abilities, or override them, as appropriate:

Warrior Path Attributes

-Use Priest THAC0 and d8 HD

-Use Warrior Group Proficiencies at base cost and gains warrior special weapon proficiency privileges, which are: can use INT slots for weapon slots, can buy tight/broad group proficiency groupings, uses the warrior non-proficiency penalty and can specialize in multiple fighting styles.

-Use warrior magic items.

-Finally, can choose to gain fighter followers instead of thief followers, but must choose as both are not gained.

Below are the sub-skills of the warrior path:

d10 HD: for 2 class points the adventurer uses this better HD type.

Weapon Specialization: for 3 class points the adventurer can specialize in 1 weapon of his choice. Only in this 1 weapon can he specialize, and this skill cannot be chosen for another weapon. He uses his Priest THAC0 still, but gets the multiple attacks and attack/damage bonuses and any other such bonuses. This skill only allows the specialization, it must still be purchased normally with weapon proficiency slots.

Lead/Inspire: for 3 class points the adventurer gets the Leadership skill(see Player’s Option: Combat & Tactics) and Inspire skill(see New Proficiencies), with 2 proficiency points each level gained to improve these skills. Additionally, the adventurer’s CHA is considered to be 2 points higher for purposes of figuring loyalty adjustments and maximum number of henchmen. Reaction adjustments are found using the adventurer’s base CHA only. Adventurers with this skill make excellent generals and leaders.

The Wizard’s Path

This path is for those adventurers who desire to explore the arcane arts of magic. The path costs 10 class points, and has the following attributes it gives to those who buy into it, in addition to opening up access to the sub-skills:

Wizard Path Attributes

-Casts spells as the former bard did. Casts spells as if he were a bard of equal level. He can only cast these spells from a single school of magic(major access), however, which he chooses. Sub-skills can allow him to add additional schools to this 1 he gets initially.

-Use Wizard Group Proficiencies at base cost.

-Use mage magic items and scrolls as if a mage of equal level. Can also research new spells and create magic items as a mage of equal level, but only within the schools of magic the adventurer has access to.

-Gets the Arcane Lore skill(see New Proficiencies) free, but gets no extra proficiency points specifically designed to improve it.

Below are the sub-skills of the wizard path:

Access to Other Schools of Magic: for 2 class points major access to another school is gained, and 1 class point buys minor access instead. This skill can be purchased multiple times.

Mage Lore: for 3 class points, Spellcraft and Legend Lore(see New Proficiencies) are gained, with 2 proficiency points being gained each new level to be used for their improvement. Additionally, his INT is considered 2 points higher for purposes of determining the spell level limit of the adventurer.

Armored Spell Use: this skill costs 2 class points and allows the adventurer to cast spells in armor. Because the armor hinders the adventurer still, his spells require more energy to insure he can remain in control. While in armor, his spells cost 1 extra spell point plus an additional amount extra equal to the armor’s DEX penalty. This extra spell point penalty does not enhance the spell in any way, but neither does it slow it down.

Examples of Adventurer Classes

The Commando(Assassin)

Warrior Path(10), Weapon Specialization(3), Hide in Shadows(2), Move Silently(2), Open Locks(2), Find/Remove Traps(2), Hear Noise(1), Climb Walls(1), Critical/Vitals Strike(2). Assassins drop Hear Noise and Climb Walls, and take Specialty Skill-Critical/Vitals Strike(2).

The Spy/Agent

Wizard Path(10)-choose Divination school, Illusion(2), Enchantment/Charm(2), Alteration(2), Diplomacy(1), Secret Language(1), Specialty Skill-Secret Language(2), Move Silently(2), Hide in Shadows(2), Hear Noise(1).

The Battlecaster

Warrior Path(10), Weapon Specialization(3), Wizard Path(10)-choose Invocation/Evocation, Armored Spell User(2) or Abjuration(2).

Main Rules