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Before the stars, the moons, the planets; before all that is, there was Ao. An ancient word from a language since gone meaning All.

Ao, being all things, possessed within the embodiments of good, evil, and that which lies between, neutral. These forces, at some point, became self-aware and began to fight for control over the power that was Ao, not realizing that Ao's immense power drew from them all.

The evil force, known as Mizhir, was the first to separate. Draelorn, that which is good, fought to retain him. He could not. Draelorn, seeing Mizhir free, felt it his responsibility to capture and destroy him, thus it was that he broke free as well. Ao had been divided, and was no more. The final part was Shem, that which is neutral.

A great battle followed, Draelorn verses Mizhir. Shem waited patiently, waiting to see if they would destroy each other, leaving for him all that was.

Great magic's were cast, forces immeasurable clashed, and so it was, from this Great Struggle, that the worlds and the stars were created. Realizing that the other could not be destroyed, each divided themselves into beings that would fight on their behalf. So the gods came to be. It did not work. The gods, like themselves, were immortal and could not be distinguished, thus, from the gods, by the gods, mortals were made.

From the great forces used during the Great Struggle, and because of the powers used to create the gods, the Three, as they are commonly called, weakened, and lost control over their creations, the gods. The gods, freed from servitude, quickly claimed the worlds and the creatures in these worlds.

The Three do, however, control life itself. Life of the gods they created and, in turn, life of the gods creations. They are the foundation for all life. Now, as worlds come and go, the circle nears its completion and all will return back to them; the Three.

It is the completion of this circle that inspires men to follow the Three. For it is written,

    "...and the Three shall be no more. And all that is, above and below. That which cannot be seen, and that which can. All the cosmos of all the worlds, distant and near, will again follow only One."
These cryptic words are seen by all who follow one of the Three as proof that one will have total power. That some day the one they follow will be the One.

This is the foundation of the Draelornian, Sheminite, and Mizhirian faiths.

Once belonging to a single being, each took with them a single strength and a single weakness. For Draelorn it is the power to heal and the inability to understand the workings of magic. For Mizhir, the ability to war is strongest, but healing is weak. For Shem, magic is a staple, but, war is not. This is not to say that the clerics and followers are forbidden or cannot do these things, they just simply are not, and never will be, as strong as the others.

Draelornian clerics gain a 10% bonus in addition to all other bonuses, and cast as if two levels higher, paladins one. They may not cast the reverse of any healing spell. Clerics, (of magic), have a -5% modifier to experience and may never cast spells greater then 6th level. Followers may never reach higher then 9th level as magi. They may not dual or split class as a cleric/mage.

Sheminites magi gain a 10% bonus to experience, on top of any other bonuses, cast as one level higher, and start each new level with an additional 5 spell points. Followers will only posses the ability to reach 9th level fighter. Clerics, (of war), have a -5% modifier to experience and will never have more then 3 attacks per every 2 rounds. They may not dual or split class as a fighter/mage..

Mizhirian fighters gain a 10% bonus plus any other bonuses to experience, and gain number-of-attacks-per-round and thac0 as if 2 levels higher. Clerics cast as if 2 levels less, paladins at 3, and may never cast any healing spell higher than cure light wounds. They can cast the reverse of any spell at their normal level, however. Clerics, (of war), however, have no stipulations, except those pertaining to healing spells. Mizhirians may not dual or split class as a fighter/cleric.

The political structure is simple, the last one standing takes all. The subtleties, however, can become complex. The Sheminites are, in many ways, solely responsible for the millennia old war between the Draelornians and Mizhirians. Through careful manipulation of the two, the Sheminites have kept them warring. They do so by carefully analyzing the alignment structure and adding weight to which ever side is in need. Not too much, however, but just enough to boost the balance back to a state of equilibrium.

Both the Draelornians and the Mizhirians do not have much time for the Sheminites because of their seesaw allegiance, but, know, and respect, their superior use of magic. Sheminite magic can be a beneficial allie. This is the reason they are tolerated.

The Sheminites realize these feelings toward them, but, really don't care, as long as the Draelornians and Mizhirians continue to eliminate one another.

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