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We have found though experience that a character with lower scores in more fun to play than the character with god-like abilities. Lower scores force PCs to be a bit more inventive to get what they want or even just to survive. I am sure that some would find our system for rolling attributes a bit liberal but it has worked for use for more than 15 years now and you know what they say, "If it ain't broke...".

Our method is a hybrid of our own creation but is very similar to the Method V printed on page 13 of your PHB. We allow each player to roll 4 sets of six stats. After rolling the 4 columns you choose the one you want and assign the scores to the attributes you want. It provide the flexibility of Method V by allowing the selection of the best set of score, however, it cuts the total number of sets from 6 to 4. We figure if you can't get it in 4 columns you aren't going to get it.

The other method some of us have been using is the G5 On-line Character Creator. I would invite you to give it a try. The tool was designed for building quick NPCs but works just as well for player characters.

One word of warning. It is very easy to keep hitting the "roll the dice" button until you get the super human scores we all want so before you begin I recommend setting a specific number of times that the rolls may be generated. It keeps everyone honest.

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