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Score based movement is a system we came up with to combat the AD&D movement rates that have all character operating at the same rate of speed regardless of build or training. To do this we have to create a 7th attribute score called "movement". I know, you are probably thinking, "Great, more attributes, more rolling, more time...", actually the system is very simple.

Calculate movement
The movement score is not rolled but calculated based on a very simple formula.

    Strength + Dexterity + Constitution / 3 = Movement (round score up)

The movement score is an "average" of these 3 attribute scores.

    Example: If Grog has a Strength of 17, Dexterity of 12 and Constitution of 15 his Movement score would be 14.6. Rounding up would give him a final Movement score of 15.

Once you have your Primary Movement Score you figure out your secondary Movement scores just as with your other attributes

Secondary Attribute Scores for Movement
Movement sprint endurance

Calculate sprint rate
The next goal is to take these new scores and figure out how far you can move in a game round. To determine your maximum sprint:

    Sprint - 3 = yards per 2 second phase
    Example: If Grog's Sprint score is 15 he would be able to sprint 12 yards every 2 seconds or 36 yards in 6 seconds. This is very close to reality considering that football players are doing 40 yard sprints between 5 and 6 seconds. This rate of speed assumes that the character is not encumbered by equipment.

Calculate endurance rate
We calculate a character's endurance rate as a "...rate of speed that the character can maintain in a distance run." A character's endurance rate in yards per minute can be found with the following formula:

    sprint rate yards per 6 seconds / 2 (round up) x 10 = yards per minute

With endurance we also need to think about the maximum amount of time that a character is able to maintain this rate of speed. You can find this time by using the following formula:

    endurance score x 10 = max number of minutes to maintain speed
    Example: Using the 2 previous formula we say that if Grog has an sprint rate of 36 yards per 6 seconds his endurance rate of speed would be 180 yards every minute and he would be able to maintain that speed for a maximum of 120 minutes or 2 hours.

After you have determined the "rate" and the "duration" you can easily figure out how far your character can travel in their maximum endurance time by using this formula:

    endurance rate yards per minute x endurance duration minutes = max distance traveled in yards
    Example: Using Grog's endurance rate of 180 yards per minute and his maximum duration of 120 minutes (or 2 hours), Grog could run 21600 yards every 2 hours. If we assume 1 mile to be 1600 yards, dividing 21600 yards by 1600 gives us 13.5 miles.

Running checks
In the last example we were able to find that the character with a sprint score of 15 could run up to 13.5 miles in 2 hours unencumbered. You may have noticed that most of this calculation was based on the character's sprint score. So what is the endurance score for? Not only does the endurance score determine the maximum duration of the run it is also used for making ability checks when the character is attempting long distance runs.

When a character elects to make a sprint we cannot assume that he/she will be able to maintain that rate of speed indefinitely. A character may maintain a maximum sprint without ability checks for a maximum of 2 rounds and then the character is required to roll sprint checks as spelled out in the sprint check table.

Sprint Check Table
round 3 round 4 round 5 round 6
-2 -4 -6 -8

Endurance checks are also required but they are much less stringent. Runner have good days and bad days and no runner is guaranteed to be able to run at 100% all the time. Keeping this in mind, we require the endurance runner to make a check against their endurance attribute score every minute. If the roll fails the runner if forced to drop to half their endurance rate for the next round. At the beginning of the next 1 minute time period the runner can make another check. If the check is successful they may go back up to their maximum endurance rate if the check fails the character will maintain the half rate speed. This check is made every 10 combat rounds or every minute.

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