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Dom Argonus the First

It is written that Dom Argonus the First and a small army of Domaculin priests assisted Constantine the Great and his Shemite followers on the perilous journey over the Endless Mountains. Locked in a desperate battle, most of the Domaculin priests in the envoy were killed providing escape for Constantine and his people. Only a handful of novice Domoculin priests survived. Though the stories vary, Dom Argonus died in the mountains, his Armour Sword and Scales were never seen again. The surviving priests wrote accurate descriptions of the events that happened on the journey to the hidden continent. However, that was several centuries ago and the account of the journey and the powers Dom Argonus commanded have been reduced to proverbs and parables.

This is probably the last accurate writing regarding the Soul Scales, Sword of Domaclese and testimony of his untimely but legendary death. I only fear that my elven memory has faded over the last hundred years and 900 year old events no longer come to me clearly.

Little is known about Dom Argonus the First before he came to the Domaculin temple at High Point. I have collected as much information as I could on his past, even though it may mean punishment from the order. Dissecting a sainted Dom is not recommended in our faith. I will then account his pre-Domaculin history with as much tact and brevity I can maintain.

Census records from his Lordship Bervis deCantos: Argonus LeFeure was born in Chamboign, 20843 VX. Argonus was recorded next to his mothers name but no father listed. Other texts of that era reveal a war with the Invois; a race of wood dwelling man-like creatures. From other chapters I have devined that half human/half Invois bastard children were not an unusual sight in the region during the following years. By no means does this offer any reason why Argonus was so large even as a child. I may be nearing my last years alive but I have no desire to go out being executed.

On his 15th birthday, Argonus was granted enrollment in Arreis (Are-ray-ees), Domaculin military academy north of High Point. The meticulous records at Arreis proved a valuable source of information regarding the spiritual and military training required to be considered a priest of Domaclese. I fear the rigorous standards of righteousness and military prowess have fallen into atrophy over the past 700 years. It very well may be that the order needs a religious war to stimulate this long past vigil.

There is record of Argonus at Arreis. Contrary to popular depiction Argonus was not a student of mention. In fact, beyond the enrollment records there was no reference to him in any of the texts previous to his Sanieto (San-yi-et-oh); quest of enlightenment. I will describe the Sanieto since ,sadly, the word no longer carries any meaning beyond the title of several hymns and psalms .

The Sanieto was appointed by the sitting Great Dom when a novice appeared ready to test the strength of his spiritual and military metal. It is said that fasting and prayer made up the first month of the novices' journey. He would only consume water and one small loaf of bread each day. He was then put out into the wilderness with nothing more than thread bare clothing and his designated sword. I should mention that no novice ever owned his own sword. A large barrel of swords was kept in the entrance to the lower barracks. No one left the barrack with out a sword and no one entered without depositing one. If a novice was unlucky enough to lose or break his sword he could not return to the barrack until he had fashioned a new one from the smithing forges. It was a common disciplinary tactic for a ranking priest to order a novice to surrender his sword. If the novice was lucky the sword would be returned after completing tasks to the ranked priests' satisfaction. Otherwise… off to the forges. Naturally, the Domaculin priests of old were all proficient Weapon smiths. Especially the ones with disciplinary problems!

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