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The Sword of Domaclese

It is written that Argonus achieved enlightenment in a pitched battle saving a farmhouse from a band of Invois. Badly wounded and delirious from starvation he was sure to die from the swarming Invois. Suddenly his sword began to glow and shed blue and violet sparks. The Invois are very superstitious and retreated back several meters. Argonus stood in shock and awe, raised the transforming sword to the sky and called to Domaclese aloud. A bolt of lightening struck the blade. The heavenly energy coursed over the sword and Argonus like armor of pure energy. It was then that Argonus saw the human figure flailing the Invois to attack. Argonus moved toward the mysterious man but was surrounded by the creatures. In one swift movement Argonus plunged his sword into the ground sending a massive shock wave out in all directions. The Invois within five meters were torn in half. The few with enough sense to have stayed back to face their masters' whip managed to hobble away and the ir leader was no where to be seen. Argonus stood in numb worship of his gift from Domaclese, stared blankly at the farmers' family standing before him and collapsed unconscious. The next thing Argonus saw was the healer from Arreis standing over him reeking of fish stew and a night of alcohol abuse. Argonus promptly voided what ever was left in his stomach. He then realized that he still held the sword; and from the scrapes on his fingers his "healers" had made quite an effort to remove it from him.

In the weeks that followed Argonus discovered through battle and prayer many powers granted him by Domaclese through the sword. The most obvious showed itself the first time the sword was chipped deflecting a blow during a sparring match. Naturally Argonus was rather upset that his gift from his god had been damaged, and his opponent was not very fond of having his nose broken either. However the next day the blade was unblemished, it had healed itself with no trace of any damage. When the sitting Great Dom learned of the sword he grew insanely jealous that his god would choose a "worthless novice" over him. The Great Dom demanded that Argonus surrender it to him. Argonus laid the sword on the Great Dom's desk with a surpassingly calm resolve. As the Dom reached for the sword an electric shock jumped from the pommel to his hand. This made the Dom rather upset. "The Sword of Domaclese shall be mine!" He picked up the sword and screamed as the electrical currents slowly inc reased to engulf his entire body, yet in his arrogance he would not release the sword. The Great Dom dropped to the floor and was reduced to ashes. Fortunately for Argonus these events occurred before a number of witnesses.

I have found many other references to the powers of the sword but they are inconsistent and lack enough credentials to be placed in this account.

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