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The construction of Eventide Keep was completed in the Year 802 by Sir Annidine Daliston. Being a nobleman of considerable wealth and reputation, he commissioned the project to some of the greatest Dwarven architects and stone massons of the time. The castle was completed in 12 years and at its peak employed more than 1500 workers.

Upon its completion, Eventide was hailed as one of the finest examples of Dwarven craftsmanship of the day. Built on the rocky cliffs of Twilight Penninsula overlooking the Sword Sea, the keep was to serve as both a protector of the western coast and a light house to the ships of the realm. A magical glass orb was placed at the top of the keep's tallest tower and the intense light that it produces can still be seen for leagues...even on the foggiest of nights.

The mystery surrounding the madness that overcame Sir Annidine Daliston is still the stuff of legend. For many years Eventide Keep was looked upon as a place of honor hosting many political events and standing witness to the signing of many treaties and declarations of war. The castles location proved to be critical to the balance of power during the 100 years war. However, with age Sir Annidine became more and more reclusive.

Communications from Eventide became fewer and fewer before stopping altogether. It was a military dispatch of King Vermilion that finally dicovered the grizzly truth. Finding no guards or formal greeting upon their arrival the Vermilion emissaries entered the keep to find the bones of the dead throughout the stately building. All of the residents of the castle; guards, servants and the entire noble family had been slain in their beds, victims of a horrifying massacre.

The body of Sir Annidine Daliston was found in the uppermost chamber of the "Tower of Light". The rafters creaked under the weight of the nobleman's body as he hung suspended above the floor by a noose of steel chain. Dressed in full battle regalia, Sir Annidine's lifless corps still held a blood stained sword in the vice-like grip of the dead...

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