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When on the attack a player character receives a number of attacks equal to the number assigned by the characters class, level and specialization. A character on the attack may also elect to make their attack in any phase of the combat round they desire. However, if a player postpones their attack until phase 2 or 3 in order to perform another action they may have to drop that proposed action to defend against a phase 1 attack from their opponent.

The following is a list of basic maneuvers that would be available to a character on the attack.

  • Maneuvers
  • Attack: Pretty straight-forward. Roll the die, add your bonuses. If your total is higher than the defense roll, you hit.
  • Going berserk: This is the all-out crazy tactic. When a characters do this, they loses *all* defense rolls, but are able to make extra attacks equal to their total parries. However, there is a penalty. A character takes a minus 6 to all attack rolls for each extra attack made, cumulative.
  • Feint: An attempt to fool the opponent. This expends an attack. The attacker makes an attack roll. If the total is higher than the opponent's defense roll, the attacker gets to add the difference to their next attack roll.
  • Called Shot: If you want to weaken a specific area of your opponents body you may employ a called shot. The attacking character suffers a -3 ToHit penalty but if the hit is successful there is no roll required for body area. As long as the character is in a position to attack the desired area he/she may assign the damage to any area he/she wishes.

Attack Bonus
The Attack Bonus represents that character's proficiency with the attack they are using. The base is the number from the column corresponding to the character's class type (Warrior, Mage, Rogue, or Priest) from Table I. To this base add all ordinary "to hit" bonuses for Strength, weapon specialization, magical "to hit" bonuses, etc. The result is the Attack Bonus. Always use the most favorable class when calculating this bonus for characters with more than one class.

Attack Bonus Bases
Level Warrior Priest Rogue Mage
1 3 3 3 3
2 5 4 4 4
3 7 6 5 4
4 9 7 6 5
5 11 8 7 5
6 12 10 7 6
7 14 11 8 6
8 16 12 9 7
9 18 14 10 8
10 20 15 11 8
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