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After checking out several spell point systems we elected to go with the Mana Spell Point System by Gaetan Viau, making a few modifications to accomidate our damage system. The system is designed for Mage and Bard classes but we have found that it also works well for priests and druids. Here is a brief run-down of how the system works. This is not the complete system...if you would like the complete system you can get a copy from the netbook archive.

Mana spell points represents the ability of a spellcaster to cast spells; the amount of mind strength that this spellcaster has to retain the energy present in his surroundings. This energy is needed to release the desired magical effects. The number of Mana Points a spellcaster can retain is directly related to his/her experience level and Intelligence score.

Mage Points Per Level
Level Points Level Points
1 10 11 170
2 18 12 195
3 25 13 225
4 33 14 255
5 47 15 285
6 61 16 315
7 85 17 350
8 105 18 385
9 125 19 420
10 145 20 455

*Use the mage table for the illusionist, priest and druid.

Bard Points Per Level
Level Points Level Points
1 0 11 90
2 6 12 102
3 13 13 115
4 20 14 128
5 25 15 141
6 33 16 154
7 42 17 167
8 51 18 180
9 62 19 193
10 78 20 206

The spellcaster also gets bonus Mana Points due to high Intelligence score. These bonuses are cumulative for every experience level attained up to the 10th level inclusively.

Intelligence Modifiers
Intelligence Score Bonus
9-15 --
16-17 +1
18 +2
19 +3

When the spellcaster casts magical spells, he expends energy that his retained in his mind: Mana Points. The amount of Mana Points used to cast a certain spell is related to the power of the spell (its level). Specialist wizards dedicated to a particular school of magic are more attuned to the spells from this school and thus require less Mana Points to invoke the power of those spells. The SCOST is then used by specialist wizard casting spells from their speciality school instead of the COST. Please note that the bard never uses the SCOST.

Spell Cost
cantrip 1 1
1 5 3
2 9 7
3 14 10
4 18 13
5 25 19
6 28 21
7 34 25
8 38 28
9 45 34

Every time a spell is cast, the COST (or possibly the SCOST in the case of a specialist wizard with speciality spells) is reduced from the total remaining MP the spellcaster possesses. The wizard can (and note, ONLY the wizard since the bard lacks the spellcasting ability to do so) if he wants, reach a negative MP total. For him to be able to do so, he must successfully make an Intelligence check. If successful, the COST of the spell is first subtracted from the remaining MP total of the spellcaster. Then, every MP reached below zero will result in the loss of one box per body area of the Wizard. If the Intelligence check is failed, the spellcaster loses an amount of MP equal to the spell level + 1, the spell is lost and has no effect. Likewise, every MP reached below zero will result in one box per body area lost by the Wizard. This loss is counted as wound damage but represents fatigue and can be recovered with a good nights sleep.

After the spell has been cast, the Wizard needs to make a System Shock roll adjusted negatively by the number of points lost in this manner. This roll is made at the very end of the round in which the spell has been cast (whether the spell has a duration or not is irrelevant). A wizard failing to successfully make this roll, falls unconscious for 1d6 turns (unless of course the loss of points killed him). This loss of boxes can only be healed by rest or by the use of a heal spell or a limited wish (any cure spell won't work).

    Example:Valniss, a 12th level Wild Mage with an Intelligence score of 18 possesses a maximum total of 215 MP (195 + (10 x 2)). During the course of the day, he used a lot of his spellcasting ability and has now 25 remaining MP. He has just engaged in combat and is in dire need of an Anti-Magic Shell (6th level, COST 28). He needs to successfully make an Intelligence check and makes it with a roll of 13. He is thus able to cast the spell, spending his remaining 25 MP and then reaching into his life force to get the remaining 3 MP, losing 3 points per body area in the process. If he would have missed his Intelligence check, he would have lost 7 MP and been unable to cast the spell. Valniss then needs to check to see if he stays conscious or not. Having a Constitution score of 12, he must roll 77% or under (80% - 3%) to stay conscious. He rolls 47% and thus stays conscious.

Needless to say that trying this little feat for a wizard with a low Constitution score can be very hazardous.

For additional information on the Mana Spell Point System please download and consult the Netbook.

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