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Range Key:

Population Class: Major, Moderate, Minor
Land/Sea Army Size: No Standing Army, Negligible, Small, Moderate, Large, Very Large

Parmakian Nations:

Posted by Vacithius

Name of Nation: Kalkland Federation
Name of Capital: Volkan
Population Class: Major
Racial Dominance: Humans
Description of Government: A loose organization of states with one binding agreement, each shall join the other in battle against enemies outside the federation in attacked. Those who refuse may be attacked by all in the federation and their land divided equally among its neighbors. Those who attack another state without the approval of every other state or for reasons other the the previously mentioned are subject to the same penalty above.
Land Army Size: Very Large when combined, small to moderate seperately.
Sea Army Size: Moderate
Major Religion/s: Oolidil, Lady Forestine, Talthazar, Yodinnay
Internal Societies of Note or Things of Special Interest: Many of the states in the federation are proudly warrior-like, but peaceable enough when lacking a war to fight. The cities and lands of the federation contain mostly stone and thatched roofed buildings, and all people are seen wearing or their homes flying flags of their colors proudly.
Many of the governments of the individual states are based on an ancient clannish system in which those recognized as being descendants of ancient and proud/heroic bloodlines are appointed to a ruling council by right of birth once they've reached manhood. A very traditional orientated government that is in many ways Scottish. The capital is a large lone building set aside on unclaimed land within the very center of the federation for use by appointed members from every state to settle cross-state disputes. The appointed representatives of Volkan simply relay the votes of their state's governement though, with the help of many trusted assistants carrying messages back and forth as fast as possible on horseback, and can be replaced by the presence of the entire ruling body of their state at anytime. Hence the size of the structure. Such gatherings usually only occur at times of celebration for the representatives, whom live on the grounds of the estate, do a much more efficient job, especially in times of war.
Schemes: Kalkland is ever warry of the war prone tendencies of Callipsus, but its greatest concern has always been Arowa and Mordregga. Kalkland is always strengthening its border defenses and constantly patrolling them, ready to react to an offensive action at the slightest provocation. Currently, Kalkland is considering an invasion of Arowa, but it fears that weakening the nation might only tempt Mordregga into pursuing a full scale war with Kalkland, a war Kalkland would be hard pressed to fight alone. Knowing this, Kalkland is seeking secret negotiations with Callipsus and has been promised support from Rordin Falls if Mordregga should attack.
Imports: Uncrafted metal, weapons, armor
Exports: Gold, ale, wine, agricultural products
Special Events/Holidays: Edrick’s Day, recalls the death of Edrick and celebrates his revenge (see LEGENDS).

Posted by Feral

Name of Nation: Rordin Falls
Name of Capital: Rordin
Population Class: Moderate
Racial Dominance: Dwarves
Description of Government: A king rules all and passes what laws he so wills.
Land Army Size: Small
Major Religion/s: Oolidil, Talthazar
Internal Societies of Note or Things of Special Interest: Rordin Falls is a hideaway nation for dwarves in the mountains of Parmakia. Rordin is actually a subterranean city of labyrinths, air shafts, small stone buildings, and underground lakes and streams. Excess food is stored inside the labyrinth, which can be easily sealed off in case of attack. The surface world, however, is needed for cropland and raising livestock.
Schemes: The nation of Rordin Falls is happy with its territory, but it greatly despises Mordregga and would back any effort to destroy the nation. By themselves, the dwarves are only able to defend their nation, and they constantly seek to make allies with Kalkland, Callipsus, and Dalekeeva in case a massive attack by Mordregga.
Imports: Food products of all kinds.
Exports: Often makes tributes to the rulers and aristocrates of its hopeful allies in the form of fine armors, weapons, and precious stones.
Special Events/Holidays: Founding Day, a day of riotous celebration with much food and drink.

Posted by Tamlyn

Nation Name: Landstrom
Capital Name: Strada
Population: Small
Racial Dominance: Humans
Land Army Size: Small
Sea Army Size: Large
Major Religion/s: Udra
Internal Societies of Note or Things of Special Interest: Landstrom is the main seat of power for the disciples of Udra. It is here that would be priests are taught the ways of Udra. Though they have a small land army, their sea army is infamous for the terror it causes on the open sea. The island is an almost uninhabitable, rocky island that is protected on all sides by cliffs. The inhabitants enter into the nation by sailing/rowing though one of 3 caves in the base of the extinct volcano. They live in the catacombs that riddle the island. In the center of the island (in the "bowl" left by the extinct volcano) is a great church to Udra.
Schemes: A priest that calls himself the Gauntlet of Udra (leader of the Order of the Broken Staff) is trying to take control of the church. The rest of the order is trying to infiltrate all 4 of the capitals in the four states of Callipsus. The government is planning on a large attack to take Wentor back in the name of Strada and by having control of the 4 smaller capitals, they are assured of success.
The Carnocks are continuing their underground movement for good in Landstrom. Still trying to get aid from Tania Blackwind, they have real trouble from the following order.
The Order of the Watching Eyes continues to spy on the various governments. They have heard of the Carnocks and is rumored to have a spy among them. They also keep an eye out for potential wizards to abduct. (For more information concerning this terminology and Landstrom in general, see my link to the website: The Harper’s Corner.)
Imports: Steel, Tools and Wood
Exports: Black Pearls (Strada's Tears), Obsidian, Gemstones, Sugar Cane, Fish
Special Events/Holidays:
Strada's birthday (323rd day) is a day of great celebration. Sacrifices are performed to Udra before any festivities begin and the following festivities usually lasts for 2 full days. Food, music and laughter is the main objective for the 2 days. Every 10th year, a wizard is sacrificed in his name.
Day of Defeat (211th day), the anniversary of the day the rebels forced Strada from Callipsus. On this day the peoples of Landstrom recognize it by fasting for the day and just as the sun sets, each person looks to the west and yells, "We will return and plant our crops in soil nurished by your blood, this I vow." This was said by Maxin Strada when he completed the Great Church.

Posted by Vacithius

Name of Nation: Dalekeeva
Name of Capital: Dalenport
Population Class: Moderate
Racial Dominance: Humans
Description of Government: Simple monarchy with appointed nobles.
Land Army Size: Moderate
Sea Army Size: Moderate
Major Religion/s: Synad, Talthazar, Yodinnay, Oolidil
Internal Societies of Note or Things of Special Interest: Patrons of Eilloria are slowly trying to gain a foothold in the realm, but are greatly avoided by the locals.
Dalekeeva has a generally satisfied populace who adores their fine king and greatly fear their unruly neighbors. The capital consists of a grand castle of the classical sense, surrounded by a sprawling city.
Schemes: Like every other nation, Dalekeeva keeps a close eye on Mordregga, but is more worried about the pirating actions of Landstrom. Many minor skirmishes and battles have occured between Landstrom and Dalekeeva, and Dalekeeva even attempted to sack on of Landstrom’s outer island strongholds with minor success. Dalekeevan ships patrol the waters that border Landstrom, but Landstrom pirates are adept at cat and mouse games and continue to elude patrols. So far, Dalekeeva has refused to pursue full scale war with Landstrom, but its shipping lanes continue to fall to foul play and tempers are rising.
Imports/Exports: Dalekeeva does a great amount of trading with the dwarves of Chi’ lore and other willing parties on all continents. Currently Landstrom is foiling its efforts to serve as a way station for the shipment of goods to the southern nations of Parmakia, but the strife between Callipsus and Landstrom also supplies it with an immediate market for exotic weapons and needed metals as long as some ships reach their ports. The government is also making a hefty profit by escorting ships to their destination.
Special Events/Holidays: Founding Day, a fun filled day of parades, carnivals, food and drink, and tributes to the king to gain his favor.

Posted by Meself

Name of Nation: Arowa
Name of Capital: Arowa City
Population Class: Moderate
Racial Dominance: Humans
Description of Government: The government is greatly under the influence of the king and the bishop. There is also a council of nobles, but they basically obey whatever the king or the bishop say, for if they refuse, they often "disappear" or are "found dead". The King is known to have loyal followers among the nobles, as well as his personal guards, who have been known as the "king's aides" for some time.
Land Army Size: Very Large
Sea Army Size: Moderate
Major Religion/s: Malladorian is the only god to be openly worshipped in these lands.
Internal Societies of Note or Things of Special Interest: Black stone is dominant in the rich, fortress-like architecture of Arowa. Sharp edges and triangles are common shapes, giving the cities a militant look.
The people of Arowa are mostly selfish. They think only of their own survival and empowerment. They look for personal profit in every deed. They couldn’t care less if their king was dead, but as long as he lives, they take advantage of every opportunity (such seeking a higher office in the government). Some citizens despise the King's fearsome rule enough to try to organize a revolt every now and then. But these revolts are easily silenced by the great army of Arowa.
Schemes: Arowa is having problems within itself, so the nearest future plans of the Arowa government is to get rid of the internal resistance against the government. This is much harder then it looks, because the governers, and the heirs are arguing within themselves how to handle the situation, and every attempt done by either is blocked, or word somehow escapes, leaving the attempt to hang in the air without any solid result. The event that happen behind the stages are endless. Of course once Arowa can take control of itself (which none of the other nearby nations deam possible for a couple centuries), it will expand, and get more powerful. Of course Arowan priests believe that the their god Malladorian is pleased with the chaos in Arowa.
Imports: Granite, crafted weapons, exotic drugs
Exports: Agricultural products, stoneworks
Special Events/Holidays: Day of Sacrifice, a day in which offerings to Malladorian are made throughout the nation.

Posted by Vacithius

Name of Nation: Highloria
Name of Capital: Highloria
Population Class: Moderate
Racial Dominance: Humans
Description of Government: A council of sages, representing every race and sex and holding office only through popular support passes laws by majority vote and elects a head for diplomatic purposes, but without real power unless granted by the council during times of war or need. A small court system, with members elected by the council, passes judgement over the common criminal and only a minor policing force exists to bring in criminals.
Land Army Size: No Standing Army
Major Religion/s: Synad
Internal Societies of Note or Things of Special Interest: The Church of Synad: a power church of many strong members who are commonly elected to the council and whom hold the respect of virtually the entire populace. In practice, no other religion is allowed in Highloria for fear of their violent ways. The church has guards at every entrance to the villages and capital at they carefully screen all who enter and take away all weapons, returning them discouragingly when they leave. The buildings of Highloria are built of white stone and various forms of marble on a single mountain composed of very steep cliffs (which serves as its main protection). Delicate and beautiful to the eyes, but deceptively strong and well defended by its devoted clerics.
Schemes: Highloria is content as it is, certainly, but its main mission is to spread the message of peace to all lands, wether it falls on deaf ears or not.
Imports: All kinds of food products, although strong alcoholic beverages are illegal.
Exports: The emmense mountain foundation of Highloria (Mt. Synad) is extremely rich in milkstone, which it sales for great profit to those it chooses (excluding Mordregga, Arowa, and Landstrom).
Special Events/Holidays: Day of Renewal, a day in which gifts are given to offended or offensive parties to begin the year anew (celebrated on 1st day).

Posted by Vacithius

Name of Nation: Mordregga
Name of Capital: Mordregga
Population Class: Major
Racial Dominance: Humans
Description of Government: Mordregga is ruled by a powerful cleric of Malladorian, thought by many to be a leader of the Cult of the Black Sun. His power is absolute and tyrannical and he's thought to claim the service of a number of wizards guided by Malladorian's will for his purposes.
Land Army Size: Large
Sea Army Size: Moderate
Major Religion/s: Malladorian
Internal Societies of Note or Things of Special Interest:
The Black House: a guild of assassins owing allegance to the rulers of the state, whom they perform their services for at high cost. Will assassinate anyone but their own members for the right price and if possible.
The Cult of the Black Sun: a powerful cult following Malladorian who believe their master will one day spread his cloak of darkness throughout the world and reward his followers instrumental in his take-over, mainly them. They often act as terrorists, taking out powerful leaders of other religions, including Udras, with which they are direct competition with. Malladorian has granted many of the cult his powers, and they often act as messengers for him, tempting heros to darker paths and slaying those who refuse.
The architecture of Mordregga varies, but their are many buildings built of black stone and ornately carved on almost every exterior surface to resemble demonic shapes, which is believed to protect its inhabitants from evil beings. Stone golems are often employed by the rich to help prevent forceful entry and stop assassins at the entrance of interior bedrooms and main entrances.
The people of Mordregga are a hard lot, often dispised criminals who've escaped from other nations, including many followers of Malladorian. This nation is depised by its neighbors and infamous all over Parmakia for its dark ways.
Schemes: Mordregga is always schemeing and has recently turned its attention to Rordin Falls, which has been a thorn in its side from day one. Otherwise, Mordregga is expanding its territory to the north and strengthening ties with Arowa. Besides Rordin Falls, no major wars are seen in its immediate future.
Imports/Exports: Few will trade with Mordregga and its size makes it greatly self sufficient.
Special Events/Holidays: No national celebrations exist besides the celebration following the sanctioning of a new priest-king.

Posted by Vacithius

Name of Nation: Callipsus (states: Yodwind, Talthus, Eastwick, Landin)
Name of Capital: Wentor (states, same order: Yodwind, Talthus, Untra, Lordin)
Population Class: Major
Racial Dominance: Humans
Description of Government: Union of four lords who own one state each and claim the fealty of many knights, nobles, etc. An emperor resides in Wentor with a powerful army all his own. Although smaller in force, it is an order of skilled knights and clerics owing allegance to the emperor alone. Those who show great skill are taken from the armies of the states and placed here to protect and serve the emperor.
Land Army Size: Large
Sea Army Size: Very Large
Major Religion/s: Oolidil, Yodinnay, Talthazar
Internal Societies of Note or Things of Special Interest: The architecture of the wealthy is one of stone and strength, as well as great size and elaborate but proud decoration. Gargoyles and other ancient wards are seen everywhere, as well as carved representations of the nations three patrons (gods) and ancient heros. A rivalry still exists between the four states and many battles have broken out in the past, although the current rulers seem to advise peace. Known for its arches and bridges, which seperate the cities with both natural rivers and man made waterways, Callipsus is a proud, grand nation and so are its people. Yodwind is mostly coastal and supports a very large navy, which explains its patron god, Yodinnay, Lord of Tempests. Landin is also coastal, but holds a smaller navy and greater land force, it is also the largest supporter of the god Oolidil, and rather distrustful of the Yodwind state. The other two states are land bound and sup ort both Talthazar and Oolidil while holding very extensive land forces that outdo its coastal brothers.
Schemes: Callipsus enjoys its forays against Landstrom, not considering it a major threat. Considering the warrior spirit of Callipsus it is uncertain how long this will continue and when or if it will seek bigger game.
Imports: Weapons, ale, wine, agricultural products
Exports: Trained horses, dogs, silver, fish products
Special Events/Holidays: No nationally sanctioned holidays besides the celebration of the emperor’s birthday (which is not widely celebrated), and the sanctioning of a new emperor. Each state may celebrate the sanctioning of a new lord and the people in the various communities within may celebrate their own holidays.

Posted by Dirk

Name of Nation: Darkhaven
Name of Capital: Darkhaven
Population Class: Minor
Racial Dominance: Humans
Description of Government: City State, ruled by a council of wise.
Land Army Size: No Standing Army
Major Religion/s: Wenvardor
Internal Societies of Note or Things of Special Interest: Darkhaven as a city of magicians, a safe haven for magicians who are persecuted. The core of the city forms a great school of magic. If you search for a spell you may find it here. It is placed somewhere in high mountains and its place is not known outside of Darkhaven.
Schemes: Its first and foremost goal is to keep its location a secret! Otherwise they try to infiltrate the other nations in Parmakia to fight for other wizards. There are hideouts where mages can retreat to in most capitals, excluding Landstrom. Darkhaven puts an enormous amount of research into spells that can disguise and protect wizards.
Imports/Exports: None
Special Events/Holidays:
Carwenagan’s Enlightening (97th day), the day Carwenagan met Wenvardor.
Sanctuary Day (110th day), the day of the founding of the city.
Day of Knowledge (182nd day), the day of the foundation of the library.

Liprican Nations:

Posted by Vacithius

Name of Nation: Qwininia
Location: Taking up less than half the width of the western leg/arm of Liprica, and extending from nearly the western most tip to half-way up the northern shore of Liprica.
Population Class: Moderate
Racial Dominance: Humans
Description of Government: Qwininia is a loose collection of independent villages, towns, cities, and city-states, they are generally held together by their similar culture, but almost always remain independent. In fact, Qwininia is really just a large collection of human settlements in the relatively uncivilized territory of Liprica that agree not to fight one another. Some settlements have formal alliances, some are non-violent enemies, some do fight with one another, but most remain peacefully independent so far.
Land Army Size: Negligable
Sea Army Size: Small (many pirates)
Internal Societies of Note or Things of Special Interest: Qwininia is a land of expatriots from the land of Parmakia who settled in Liprica after the great shundering of the Orcs that resided there long ago. The greatest settlement of Qwininia is Polondra, a rather large city-state with a moderate sized army; land and sea. It's completely enclosed by an emmense picket-fence of trees, half-buried and in a large diameter circle. It's ruled by a human king rumored to be an outcast elf magically disguised. Among its populace are elves, centaurs, dwarves, Mysteene, and finally Humans. Orcs are never allowed inside. Many gods are worshipped there, even Malladorian has a small congregation. All-in-all, Polondra is a racial and magical melting pot despised by its otherwise peaceful Qwininian neighbors. It rests at the center of Qwininia's northern coast.

Name of Nation: The Great Elven Forestlands (Coserothyia)
Name of Capital: Mistyl
Location: Occupies (scattered throughout) the entire easternmost forestlands of Liprica.
Population Class: Moderate
Racial Dominance: Elves
Description of Government: All of Coserothyia is ruled by a council of sages, which is turn is headed by a Great Sage who represents the entire nation, and who must have unanimous support from all the sages, who also choose who enters or leaves their ranks.
Land Army Size: No Standing Army
Sea Army Size: Very Large
Internal Societies of Note or Things of Special Interest: Coserothyia is full of powerful elven wizards and clerics of Lady Forestine who can even command the trees to walk at a whim. The Centaurs are powerful users of a natural and mysterious magic which allows them to build cities of trees and have advanced warning of any interlopers who might entire the forest by communing with them. The Centaurs generally live independent of, but in close kinship with the elves in small city-like communities. Those who entire the forests often find themselves confused and turned around until they find themselves once again at the forest's border, at the same spot they entered. Orcs both fear and shun the woods.

Name of Nation: The Green Coastlands
Location: Same general local of Qwininia except the opposite coast.
Population Class: Minor to Moderate
Racial Dominance: Humans
Description of Government: Alliance of settlements which promise to defend one another in times of war, but otherwise remain independent with little need for internal trade. Like Qwininia, each town generally has some form of law enforcement agency with a chief of police/sheriff at its head who is payed by the town to apprehend criminals and turn them over to city leaders, who decide their fate.
Land Army Size: No Standing Army
Sea Army Size: None, not counting fishing vessels.
Internal Societies of Note or Things of Special Interest: The inhabitants of The Green Coast are generally fur traders and fishermen who live a rough frontier life inland, and a more settled village life along the shores, but generally live a less civilized life than the neighboring Qwininians. Many are outcasts from Qwininia and keep laws and their enforcement at a minimum due to their past experiences, but quick hangings are common enough for serious enfractions.

Name of Nation: Winotra
Name of Capital: Winotra
Location: Western tip of Liprica.
Population Class: Moderate
Racial Dominance: Humans
Description of Government: A colony of Callipsus, owing fealty to the emporer of Callipsus. Overseen by Lord Wentworth, a trusted loyalist of the emperor's who rules with an iron fist.
Land Army Size: Moderate
Sea Army Size: Moderate
Internal Societies of Note or Things of Special Interest: The only religion allowed in Winotra is that of Oolidil, the god chosen by the emperor. Wizards are as despised as in Parmakia, which makes Polondra a potential enemy that itches like a thorn in Wentworth's side. Many knights, owing fealty to the emperor through Lord Wentworth, are stationed in Winotra. The chief purpose of the city itself, is to block colonization by other Parmakian nations and do heavy trade with the Human civilizations of Liprica for the profit of the emperor alone.