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Posted by Green

Halflings: Follow the Dark Sun version, but no infravision. Halflings avoid races other than themselves with great prejudice and will often pursue military means to eliminate and prevent what they term as invaders into their often ancient realms, which has gained them almost no friends. Remember, halflings are a wild tribal race just like in Dark Sun.

Elves: Dragonlance version, but tall, over 6 foot. Again no infravision. No Half-elves. Elves avoid with great bias the other races except for the centaurs in their midst, whom they often treat with brotherly respect but some distance. The elves are a woodland race preferably and are very talented arcanely and thus despised by many races (just like the Mysteene), but they too despise the Mysteene and think them purely evil.

Orcs: Some might think of this as the Spelljammer Scro (Orcs spelled backwards), but they generally remain the same as normal, just a little bigger, less animal like, and more intelligent. With High clerical ability and Low magical. Light sensitive eyes. Orcs are a tribal clannish lot who like to raid undefended portions of other civilizations and greatly live off of their strength and the fear they generate in others, very warlike.

Knolls: Not everyone probably knows what a Knoll is, but they're actually listed as an AD&D monster, like Orcs, in the first or second general monstrous compendium. These would also remain basically the same, except they would be less animal like, much more noble, although often still not civilized, mostly just much more intelligent. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, just think of a cross between a human and a wolf. Light sensitive eyes. Knoll are similar to the Orcs in that they don't mind conquering others, if they feel it is needed, but they also generally avoid other races when prudent.


Posted by Feral

Dwarves: Forgotten Realms version, no infravision. Dwarves (as in most campaign settings) often live underground and generally shun all but their own kind. They are a rough and gruff people, but complacent enough with their own. They are great miners and metal workers of course.


Posted by Vacithius

Centaurs: Centaurs are a brave, skilled, woodland race that never-the-less avoids most cultures besides elves, perhaps because they don't feel comfortable in such societies. They have made friends with the elves, which has biased the views of many other races against them, but they care very little what others think. Often prefering the simple life of the wild, they never build unnatural structures, often relying on nature and their specialized magical power over nature to grow and weave trees and their limbs together to make protective canopies and walls of living wood to protect themselves from weather and attack deep within the greater forests of the realms. So tightly packed are the trees of these organic structures that the number of entrances are often limited to door-like passages for larger creatures, which they defend. Centaurs are always on the alert for trouble and usually know of trespassers in the woods, especially in their territory, before anyone else, including the elves. They have eyes and senses comparable to humans, although they are known for a strong sixth sense about things.


Scale Key


5-6 represents the normal range of humans for all attributes measured on this scale.
11-12 is the best/highest range of a given ability (i.e., the strength of a giant) for natural creatures.
> is for supernatural creatures like gods.
Two numbers (one immediate following the other by count) are given for every attribute, thus representing the average range for that race’s abilities.


The Odissa

Strength: 6-7
Dexterity: 6-7
Speed: 6-7
Intelligence: 4-5
Size: 6-7
Height: 6-8 feet
Weight: 200-375 pounds
Age Limit: 60 years

Magical Ability: Low
Clerical Ability: High

Defenses: Their hide is slightly more protective than human skin because of their fur
Attacks: Claw, Bite

Appearance: Odissa look like a cross between a human and a mountain lion. Covered in uniform tan yellow to brown fur. Claw-like finger nails, cat-like ears, can stand fully upright but often crouch slightly, and have human-like eyes. Males and females are generally of the same heigth, with females having a slightly more slender body shape.

Temperament/General Personality Type: Quiet, brooding, generally keep to their own. Enthralled by the hunt, which brings out their wild side.

Society: Nomadic, with a basic indian type existence. Travel in packs, live in clans/tribes.

Other: Better than human senses, except in sight and touch. Capable of short bursts of great speed. Powerful jumpers. Find human-like speech difficult.

The Mysteene (miss-teen)

Strength: 5-6
Dexterity: 6-7
Speed: 6-7
Intelligence: 5-6
Size: 4-5
Height: 5-6 feet
Weight: 80-140
Age Limit: 100 years

Magical Ability: Extremely High
Clerical Ability: Extremely High

Defenses: Fur makes them only slightly more protected than human skin
Attacks: Claw, Bite

Appearance: Similar to the Odissa, but a cross between a human and a panther instead. Smaller, more slender, not as strong, finer boned body and slimmer features all around. Covered in raven black fur, always found with green human eyes.

Temperament: Sly and cunning creatures, full of wisdom and intelligence. Often ally themselves with dark, and more often even, mysterious powers. Seem to have astonishing luck for getting out of tight situations. Never let their gaurd down but always seem relaxed and seductive with their often potent magical power. More than half of these creatures are clerics or wizards (many are illusionists) and all delve at one time or another into the arcane arts. Always seem to treasure and carry magical items. Have a great affinity and talent for the arcane.

Society: Can be found in the nations of other races, but when on their own they are often seen as dangerous and avoided by other races, sometimes with great fear (mostly of their magic). Being forever involved in mystery and intrigue, they are often dangerous to others if not themselves. The Odissa hate the Mysteene and will often attempt to kill them on sight, and the Mysteene often play tricks on them for sport.

Other: Have light sensitive eyes, and a good sense of smell.


Posted by Feral

1) Torgodor, Deznor, and Qualida:
Orcs central, Mysteene west and south, and Halflings to the east.

2) Parmakia:
Humans dominate almost entirely.

3) Liprica (boomerang shaped):
Elves and Centaurs in the greater forests of the eastern arm of the boomerang, Human civilizations on the western arm, with wandering bands of Orcs throughout.

4) Delanor:
Centaurs and Mysteene in the western forests and Odissa in the eastern plains with wandering bands of Orcs throughout.

5) Chi'lore:
Dwarves in the lower half of the eastern peninsula, especially in the regions that remain free of ice sheets and their immediately surrounding mountains, with Knolls to their north.

6) Poldara:
Virtually void of life.