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Posted by Green

Halflings prefer not to wear armor and are deadly with their stylized variety of club/hatchet-like weapons, blow guns, javelins/spears. All are made of stone, bone, and wood. They often use a variety of shields.

Elves are fond of long, thin bladed swords, long bows, and army men are often found wearing giant-leaf-like shields over their backs which are quickly brought forward when attacked. They rarely wear more than magical armors, and their shields are nearly indestructable through magical means.

Orcs like heavy close range weapons like axes and maces/clubs. Swords are rare and often of strange design when found. They wear leather armor religiously and attach metal plates when possible. They make metal weapons, somewhat crudely, that are often to heavy for the average human to lift.

Knolls like spears, clubs/maces, and stolen swords, especially those of human design. They dislike armor and their weapons, when self-made, are often of bone and wood.

Posted by Feral

Dwarves commonly mix a dominance of leather with strategically placed sheets of metal. The richer dwarves are famous for their full plate mail armor though. Their primary weapons are sturdy short swords or maces which can pierce or crush plate mail.

Posted by Vacithius

Odissa are traditionally fond of wooden spears/javelins and use their claws to great affect as well. Odissa don't normally wear armor.

Mysteene use a variety of weapons and excell in the use of daggers and are deadly with bows when they want to be, although they prefer crossbows. They also design many of their own weapons and trade them. They are known for their darts, throwing stars, light but powerful crossbows, masterful bows, disk weapons, and especail secretive/hidden weapons and the poisons wish endow them all. Armors are often magical cloths, but many soldiers wear leather armor with attached metal plates, not unlike the dwarves.

Centaurs are lacking in their preferences for weapons and armors except when it comes to bows. They are fully capable of producing their own weapons like the mysteene.